Thursday, December 31, 2015

Luke 8:1-21 Community Bible Study

Luke 8:1-21 Ecumenical Bible Study

Points of Interest:  Notice that both men and women follow Jesus vss 2-3

In verse 3, the women “ministered” to Jesus.  In the original language, Greek, this word come from diakonos.  In Acts 7, the apostles chose seven deacons, one of whom was Stephen.

1)What is the role of women in this chapter?

2)Why do you think Jesus not call women to ministry in the same way as he had called the twelve?

Let’s go on in the chapter, Jesus now tells the parable of the seeds. 

Points of Interest: Look in the Old Testament to Isaiah 55, the word of God is compared to a a seed.  Jesus is alluding to this place in the Bible when he tells his parable.

Look also at Isaiah 6, Jesus quotes this passage when he is explaining to his disciples about the parable. In Isaiah 6 God hardens the peoples’ hearts until a certain time.  Our schedules are not the Lord’s schedule.  He is never early but he is never late.  To Abraham and Sarah, who wanted a baby God may have appeared late, but we see that Isaac was given at just the right time.  Not only did Abraham and Sarah receive a child, they also learned about God who does what is impossible. 

3)Why does Jesus tell this parable? see vs. 10

4)This parable and its explanation is a comfort to the disciples.  Why do you think it might console them?

Let’s go to the Jesus speaking about his mother and brothers

Point of Interest: It seems that Jesus’ mother and brothers do not believe in Jesus at this point (see Mark 3:21).  They want to take him away because they think he is crazy.


Who does Jesus call is Mother and brothers?  Why does he not call them “family”?